How to Convert Any Videos on Your Computer?

Every life of a person is starting to turn as a big media center because of the different innovations in the online world. Most of us have our own mobile phones, desktops, laptops, MP3 players, portable media players.

The varied video formats and short time of organizing video files needed in running gadgets are simply adding stress in our engagement to media. Having those stressful issues, an easy to use video converter can be your stress reliever.

Video converter software allows you to convert the downloaded videos from the internet according to your desired formats. You need the video downloader like Replay Media Catcher 6 to get the video from the Internet. Then, you will just simply import your chosen video, select your desired format, hit the convert, then viola! You are now ready in transferring the video in your mobile services.


Pros and Cons of Video Converter Software

The following are the advantages as well as drawbacks of having a good video converter:


Intuitive Interface. All its features are conveniently available via the main interface. Some helpful tips will pop up by the time you will first open the app then pointing in different tools that you will need. In just simple clicks you will be converting and importing videos like the pro.

There are numbers of options for your convenient. You are surely guaranteed in finding the correct format in this long listed option. The formats are simply organized thru the device. That will allow you of quick way in finding the format you are looking. It can either be Android Phone, iPhone, Samsung Phone, Android tablet, Roku and the like.


Buggy kind of playing: As the conversion side of your app works very fine, there is Play tab that you must use in order to play any kind of video in your computer. Even if it is already downloaded via app yet it is not yet converted. Inspite of the indicated controls that the video is playing, all you can see is a blank screen.

There are many converter users who prefer to use the free video converter software. It may also good to use it but quality is not a guarantee. On the other hand, paid video converter software has the capacity to give you the best services according to the price. Your preference will vary depending on your need and the capacity for you to pay.


Step by Step Video Conversion

Thanks to the many video converters these days, anyone can actually download and convert their movies to match the requirements of their player. Basically here are the steps to convert a video:

  1. Open the converter.
  2. Look for the file in the computer or the web by clicking the + sign on the converter or adding in the link to the file on the search tab.
  3. Once the file is added, choose the format you want it converted into.
  4. Now, click the convert tab or button and wait for it to render your video to the format of your choice.
  5. Once converted, check if it was converted right by clicking the file to open it. If it is working, you have converted your file successfully.


Recommended Video Converter Software

As you may know, some video converters are free while other is shareware. Those free converters are normally limited in features or it contains watermark in the output. Also, the file supported may be limited in the free edition. So, if you do not have budget constraints, go for the paid version.

There are a lot to choose from, but the following are the popular and highly demanded video converters that you can consider if you planning to get one.

This is so far the highest rated converter as its fast and update regularly to cater the user needs. The user interface is simple and user friendly with one-click video downloader. So, everything you need to make and watch videos with this tool. The price is affordable too.

This is another converter that has been in the market for quite some time. Many files are supported and batch conversion is supported too.

  • Leawo video converter ultimate

So called the all-inclusive media solution to download and convert online video. This video converter is good but the price is slightly higher than the rest.

AVCware DVD Ripper Ultimate Review

AVCware DVD Ripper Ultimate is one of the best DVD ripping programs in the market. The program offers some abilities. These are including ripping DVD to high standard definition video formats, ripping DVD soundtrack to MP3, AAC, and other audio formats, setting interval and capturing pictures from DVD movies in batches, ripping DVD to multimedia devices like iPod, iPhone, and much more, clipping DVD into segments, merging titles and chapters, and multithreading, batch, and multi-core processing.

The company has created the program with versatile editing tools allowing you to have the ability to clip a video to extract your favorite segments, split the video into some segments, and merge some parts into one. The users can have the option to crop the video frame, adjust image effects, and add watermarks/subtitles/soundtracks to your videos with AVCware DVD Ripper Ultimate.


AVCware DVD Ripper Ultimate Features

AVCware DVD Ripper Ultimate is designed with some features. These are including,

Ripping DVD to HD/SD video formats. The program allows you to rip DVD to Standard-definition videos. These are including MPEG-1/MPEG-2/MPEG-4, WMV, DivX, and much more. You can find the best output result for your convenience. By using the program, you can also convert DVD to High Definition videos such as HD AVI, HD MPEG-2/4, HD Quick Time, HD VOB, HD ASF, and much more.

Ripping DVD soundtracks to audio formats. AVCware DVD Ripper Ultimate offers the ability to extract audio from DVDs and save the file as MP3, WMA, AAC, WAV, OGG, RA, MP2, AMR, SUN AU Format, and much more.

Take movie stills. The users are able to take movie stills. You can set the interval and capture the pictured from DVD movie in batches or take snapshots while previewing and save them as BMP, JPG, PNG, or GIF image format.

DVD ripper for multimedia devices. The program is able to convert DVD movies to be played on various players. These are including iPod, iPhone, Apple TV, PSP, PS3, Xbox, Zune, NDS, and much more.

Clip DVD into segments. AVCware DVD Ripper Ultimate allows the users to trim the desired clips from a title or chapter. You can also have the option to merge them into new title or chapter.

Cropping video frame. The program helps you to cut off unwanted borders from video frame to specify the highlight.

Edit image effects. The users can use the program to adjust the image brightness, contrast, and saturation. You are able to add special effects like black and white and old film.

Split title or chapter. By using AVCware DVD Ripper Ultimate, you are able to split or title/chapter into some parts. You can choose the option to fit the multimedia device.

Merging titles and chapters. The program is working to merge some titles or chapters into one. You can insert transitional effects in between chapters.

Adding and adjusting subtitles. The users are able to adjust the subtitle delay to sync it with the video.


Review Conclusion

AVCware DVD Ripper Ultimate will be good option if you are looking for the best DVD ripper program. This program allows you to rip DVD into popular formats easily and quickly.

For a limited time, you can get 40% off discount from normal price by using this code: EVYT-X7OH-UQGF when checkout.

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The iSkysoft DVD Ripper for Mac Review

Ripping your DVD file can be quite complicated. You are recommended to get DVD ripping program to help you with the ripping process. There are many options of DVD ripper programs available in the market. One of the most popular brands for DVD ripper is iSkysoft. This brand offers the ability for the users to rip video from DVD and audio ripping. iSkysoft DVD Ripper for Mac comes with various support formats which you can choose according to your need and preference.

There are some abilities which you can get from iSkysoft DVD Ripper for Mac. The program allows the users to rip DVD to any audio or video format. It provides the supports for all popular formats in various categories. The developer has designed the program with two installer files for two different processors including Intel and Power PC. The users need to download and choose a version based on the Mac program they use. It also supports various portable devices like iPod, iPhone, Zune, PSP, Xbox 360, and much more.

Features of iSkysoft DVD Ripper for Mac

Ripping DVD to any audio or video format
By using the program, you are able to rip DVD into any format on your Mac. The program supports various formats. The users can navigate the program easily. Installing the program allows you to copy or rip DVD file into various device formats such as iPod, iPhone, and much more. You will be able to rip DVD into your Mac, iPod, iPhone, and other portable devices. The program covers various audio or video formats.

Ripping Chosen Chapters of DVD or Full DVD
Some people do not need to rip the whole DVD. They just want to rip some chapters which they need. The program helps you to choose the chapters to be ripped and other chapters will be skipped automatically. The program comes with checkbox before every chapter. The users need to check the box if they want to rip certain chapter.

Removing the black sides of the video
The function is done by cropping the file. The users can edit the black portions of the video allowing the users to have bigger video. You need to be careful since this process can affect the aspect ratio of the video. The program also offers the function to trim the videos before starting the ripping process.

More than 100 different formats categorized
iSkysoft DVD Ripper for Mac comes with more than 100 different formats allowing you to choose the best format for your requirements.

Fully Customizable Format Settings
Every format offers its own built-in properties. In some conditions, the users might need to customize the setting. Many users recommend other users not to alter any properties unless you really know what you are doing. Default setting will always perform the best for any format.

Apply video effects, preview them, and adjust other varieties of the video
The users can add various effects on the videos and preview them in the real time. Some options which are offered by the program are including adjusting the brightness, contrast, and other effects.

Rip DVD into different profiles
iSkysoft DVD Ripper for Mac helps you to rip DVD into different profiles allowing you to choose the setting according to your needs and preference.


Like other programs, iSkysoft DVD Ripper for Mac comes with advantage and disadvantage. The advantage of the program is iSkysoft DVD Ripper for Mac works with the focus on ripping digital copy to export onto mobile devices. However, the program still has disadvantage which is the inability to compress larger DVD-9 discs to DVD-5 discs. Many users especially like the program since it allows them to edit videos while ripping them.

Aimersoft DVD Ripper – DVD To AVI Converter

Aimersoft DVD RipperAimersoft DVD Ripper can rip videos from DVDs in AVI format and other 50+ formats. We receive emails from lots of users who want to rip dvd to avi and this is the perfect solution for them.

Apart from converting dvd to avi format, It also supports DVD To MP4, iPod, iPhone, WMV, MPEG, RM and similar formats. The formats it supports are the most popular formats in the world of video formats. Its conversion speed is pretty fast and you can rip individual chapters or whole DVD. You can crop the video while converting to remove the black area from sides and change the brightness, contrast in the video according to your requirement.

This DVD Converter Software supports output almost any audio/video format. A few supported vide formats are H264, MP4, WMV, AVI, MOV, RM, 3GP, SWF, FLV, MPEG-1, MPEG-2, VideoCD, Super VideoCD, DVD and Much More.

With Aimersoft DVD Ripper, you can make rip videos from DVDs and save those videos on your hard disk. We would suggest you to rip dvd to avi format for maximum quality results. We can guarantee that with our 1:1 ripping quality, you’ll get the video quality just same as your DVD.

Give us a try and convert your dvd to avi format, you won’t regret. The trial version has some limitation but you can pretty much test its features without any hassle. Just purchase the software, enter the code and that’s it.


Features of Aimersoft DVD Ripper For Windows

  • Rip DVD To AVI, iPod, AVI, H264, MP4, WMV,MOV, RM, 3GP, FLV, MPEG1, MPEG2, VCD,DVD. Many other formats are also supported. Download Trial To See Full List.
  • Almost All Popular Audio formats are also supported like MP2, MP3, MP4, AC3, AAC, RA, WMA and Many More.
  • Aimersoft DVD Ripper is one of the best dvd rippers out there for a very reasonable price.
  • Converts DVD to all models of iPod, Zune, PSP, iPhone, Apple TV, PPC, PDA, PS2, PS3, Xbox, Xbox 360.
  • While ripping dvd to avi or other format, you can change the properties and customize the format according to your requirement.
  • Fully Customizable Bit Rates, Video Size and Other Parameters. You can control the video quality according to your requirement.
  • A fully customizable crop tool. You can define the part of video you want to rip and our crop tool with take care of that. Several Types of Video Crop Modes Supported, eg. 16:9, 4:3, full screen and so on.
  • Change the Size of Video while ripping dvd to avi. Resize the Video While Converting! i.e “Keep aspect ratio” and “Stretch To Fix Screen”.
  • Merge several DVD Chapters in one avi file. This feature is a really unique feature and not supported by almost all other dvd ripper software.
  • You can control the output file size and quality easily.
  • Easy To Use Interface without any Complication. Super Easy To Use converter!
  • Easy To Download and Easy To Install.
  • Instant Delivery of the license through email If you purchase the software. No Waiting.
  • Support Batch Mode Conversion For Superfast Conversions.
  • You just need to enter a key in the trial version and this will make the trial version as full version. You don’t need to download another installer!


Aimersoft DVD Ripper Review

We downloaded the software and installed it in our system. Everything worked fine and we inserted a DVD and clicked on “Load DVD” button. The program crashed with an error message saying that we need to re-install the program. So we un-installed and then re-installed this dvd to avi ripper.

This time, we didn’t face any problems. The program ran without any problems and the User Interface of Aimersoft DVD Ripper is really very catchy. This software has clear cut buttons and It is pretty easy to understand the function of each button. We wanted to convert a dvd to avi format, so after inserting the DVD, we clicked on “Load DVD” button. It loaded the DVD pretty fast and showed four chapters of the DVD. Before ripping dvd to avi, we previewed the chapters and there was no problem. Previewing each chapter before ripping dvd is a really nice feature!

We selected avi format in the “Format” combo box and set the output folder in “Output” edit box and click on “Start” button. The software started the conversion and completed it flawlessly. There were no error messages or anything durning conversion from dvd to avi. We tried some other formats too and that went smooth too.

We used its Trim, Crop, and Effects features while converting dvd to avi and everything went fine. These features really do work and enhance the video in case you have black sides on the video. This software is a surely very good and its price is really very attractive, only $35. Currently we are offering a whopping $10 off the regular price of $45.

For more information about this DVD ripper, click here.

HyperSnap Screen Capture Software Review

HyperSnap makes the world-class screen-captures and provides facility to edit images we save on computer. HyperSnap is the easiest and fastest way to capture images that we like to incorporate into our manuals, training layouts, help system, marketing materials, presentations and emails.

The interface of the software is delightfully intuitive and has clearly labeled commands with an excellent design so that users can easily move from task to task, therefore this powerful software is quite user friendly too. With this software you can easily share perfect representation of virtually anything.


It offers effective screen capture functions along with easy editing functions so as to capture and alter or change any image in the way you want. Its additional features help you to share and print any screenshot or image you capture. HyperSnap also has a provision for the batch conversion of the files. The ease of use and versatility of this product is one of its biggest positives.

You can rapidly customize toolbars and menus to meet your requirements. With the help of this software you can create instant toolbars, make your own personal keyboard shortcuts and you may even control this software with the help of the innovative voice commands.


To find the cons of this awesome application are quite painful as the cons are hard to find. It is not as modern looking and fancy as the products available in the market but is very effective. In HyperSnap you cannot capture the images in polygon shape but in reality it is highly unlikely that you will ever need it.


It is loaded with highly advanced features like the hot keys option that allows the user to skip past the capture menu thereby saving screenshots by only making use of the keyboards. The voice-activated capture mode makes it hands free. The drawing and image-editing tools let you annotate and adjust your captures.

It has automatic color substitution, the facility of non-rectangular capture, you can redo/undo endless times and the button capture feature is also quite impressive.


It is priced modestly at $39.95.You may also take advantage of the 20 day free of cost trial offer and if you are happy with the software you can purchase it. With the purchase of the license for HyperSnap version 8 you will be entitled for all the future releases with added new features absolutely free of cost. For more info, visit


HyperSnap is studded with cutting edge latest technology features and combiners the power of an excellent screen capture application along with the latest image editing utility. It is quite cost effective and is undoubtedly a must buy product.

AVS Video Converter v9.1 Review

AVS video converterAccessibility of watching videos either online or offline is no longer a problem. There is no need for you to use a large device and buy CD/DVD in order for you to watch videos. Plus, even if you are not in your house or cinema, you can still afford to watch your most loved movies.

This will only come to reality if you have proper software installed on your PC with Internet connection. Once you have that you can use it to download and/or convert the videos. One of the popular programs that you can purchase is the AVS video converter v9.1.

To help you know better, this article will go through a complete review on the AVS video converter software.


The Top Features of AVS Video Converter v9.1

The AVS video converter v9.1 has many things to offer. You cannot only confine it in one function but with many salient features. Given below are the amazing features that you will surely enjoy upon purchasing this product.

  • Managing of HD-Camera Videos: You can simply convert different video formats as well as edit the HD-videos. Adding of menus and subtitles can be simply done.
  • Converting All the Key Formats of Video: You may encode HD video, MP4, AVI, DVD, 3GP, MPEG, FLV etc. with the use of this video converter.
  • Creating Blu-ray Videos and Personal DVD: Adding, cutting and applying effects colorful Blu-ray or DVD menus. Splitting of movies into chapters then burn the discs with the use of AVS of this video converter.
  • Converting Videos for the Varied Devices: This video comprise of ready pre-sets in converting the videos for Sony PSP, iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch Amazon kindle and the like.
  • Sharing and Converting Videos on the Web: Creation of HTML pages embedded with the F4V/FLV videos is possible. Uploading of videos on Facebook, MySpace, Flickr and even in your website can also be done.
  • Multilingual Support: This kind of video downloader has interface and supported technically in different languages such as French, English, Spanish, German, Japanese, Italian, Korean, Dutch, Danish, Russian and Polish.
  • Preseting of New Generation Device: Converting the videos in latest or new generation of devices is possible thru the use of this video converter.


Let’s See the Pros and Cons of Having This Video Converter

Pros of AVS video converter v9.1

  • This is high quality software that allows people to personally burn and rip DVDs.
  • It can also be used in creating HD videos by splitting, joining, editing and applying of effects. The end product can be copied in the mobile device.
  • All the popular video files can be converted with the use of this downloader.
  • You can really enjoy the application of 50 above video and audio effects into your movie.
  • Its interface is very easy and simple for everyone to use. You just need to wait for few moments in order to start working on this.

Cons of AVS video converter v9.1

The service of this product is limited only in video. Download and conversion of music using this downloader is not possible. So if you wanted to download songs and convert it into your device’s format, may be this kind of converter is not suited for you.


Above all, when it comes to updated video converter the AVS video converter v9.1 is a good product to choose. Of course there are many converters out there and we will slowly review most of the popular converters. There is no need also for you to be bothered about the format of your device. Whatever it is, it will surely complement with this video converter.

I believe that if you want to have more complete tools, the audio video downloader program is the one that you can consider as it allow you to download the videos from the Internet.

Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate Review

Watching videos and listening to music gets even better and simpler now. These days, you can easily watch videos and listen to songs anywhere you are. Open your internet, look for Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate, and you can ready to download any movie and audio music that you like with high quality result.

The Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate version is a video converter that enables you to download videos faster without missing key frame, crashes or redraw any issue. It great features make it one of the best video converter software in the market now.

wondershare video converter ultimate

The Wondershare Video Converter Features

  • 30X Faster Video Converter – Wondershare video conversion has become the best video converter as it is faster than ever. It helps to get the fastest way of converting and downloading movies or video that you desire to watch.
  • Built in DLNA Support – This feature is available on different DLNA certified devices such asPS3, Xbox 360, Xbox One and other DLNA supported apps. With the use of a powerful Media server, every computer files may become accessible on different kinds of devices like tablets, mobile phones, televisions and more.
  • High Fidelity HEVC/H.265 –   This feature gives a quality result for a high quality downloaded video. You may store the UHD on your device even at the half normal of size.
  • Personalize Media – When you want to have a perfect movie time, this is an editing software tool that enables you to edit and enhance or personalize as much as you want to do like trimming, rotating, saturating, crop, brightness, contrast, minimize and minimize volume, put special effects and more.
  • Video Transfer – There is no need to use a USB cable with the help of this feature. You can move your videos to your apple or android devices without plugging and using your USB cable. You can do instantly the transferring of converted and videos that are downloaded into your device with the use of a WIFI network.
  • Windows 8 OS compatible – Wondershare is regularly upgrading their products to ensure that the operating system will be compatible.


Wondershare Video Converter – Pros and Cons


  • Wondershare Video Converter enables the user to enhance and personalize the video by his or her desired style of the video.
  • It has a very friendly user interface with plenty of options to select from and makes it as easy as what you are expecting.
  • Wondershare also allows the user to transfer video files without using a USB Cable only with the use of a WIFI connection only.
  • It is 30X faster than any other video converter and it makes it as the top video converter.
  • Since it has High fidelity feature, the guarantee of getting the high quality downloaded video is assured.



  • The installation process is quite arguable by some users of Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate as they find it hard to achieve at first. But then later on, they found out how the money they have spent is worthy of it.


As for conclusion, Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate can be considered as a top video converter. The outstanding features and fast conversion speed make it stand out among any other video converters out there.

Choosing Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate to become your best video converter is certainly a good decision. You can convert almost any files to the intended output as you will. I bet you will never regret if you get this video conversion tool.

FreeMake Free Video Converter Review

Freemake free video converter is a freeware application designed for video conversion or editing. The software is used to covert videos into varied formats. You can also use it to burn video stream to blue-ray discs or to DVD and directly embed them to YouTube.

For multiple reasons, it is one of the best free video converter for users. It’s mainly due to the rich features is converter offered even though it’s free. The following section will let you know the features that you can expect from this converter.
freemake free video converter

The Main Features of This Video Converter

The following are the great features that you can expect from this program:

  • This free video converter is designed with excellent interface that performs well in editing videos and converting them into desired output formats.
  • It also comes with image slideshow creation features.
  • Freemake download software also includes direct format conversion to make the process more convenient for users.
  • You can also use the software in visualizing music.
  • With this software, youcan also trim or rotate contents of your video with the help of the additional features. Not only that, the add-ons also perfect for extracting audio tracks without reducing the quality of the content.
  • This software can also support output performance which includes MKV, MP4, WMV, DVD, MPEG, SWF, and AVI, 3GPand MP3. It also comes with readily available profiles intended for PSP, iPod, Xbox add similar devices.
  • This product is also augmented with features that allow the user to convert as well as upload videos directly into Facebook or YouTube account. It offers ease of using. All it takes is to opt for the drag and drop to selected files and choose for the desired format.
  • Freemake free video downloader has also high capability of supporting input formats. Unlike other converters in the marketplace, this one comes with the excellent and versatile features designed to stand out among the crowd.
  • It can also act as DVD ripper. This is made possible by converting the files directly off disc.
  • The software is designed with high end speed features that provide the fastest downloading and editing tools for your favorite videos.
  • This freeware converter is also capable of merging video files. In addition to that, you would also love to use this software in importing subtitles.


Let’s Discover the Pros and Cons of Having This Freemake Free Video Converter


Freemake video converter can support multiple input formats for the convenience of many users.

If you want to burin files directly into the disc, you can take advantage of this software.

  • It is capable not only of downloading your favorite video but it is also excellent when it comes to converting the files. The benefits do not end there. It has also modest tools for editing.
  • Compared to other video converter on the market, this is an excellent choice. This is because of t its fast conversion speed that won’t cause you any hair yanking stress at the end of the day.
  • Freemake free video converter can also provide the user with the option to come up with a DVD menu especially when burning the files into a disc.


  • If you want to edit imported subtitles with this software, there is a need for you to purchase Subtitle pack.
  • It usually has unstable editor.
  • It is only capable of supporting popular formats of videos.


Conclusion: One of the Best Free Video Converter!

Freemake video converter utilizes high end features. With excellent design and spectacular conversion speed, this free video converter is undoubtedly one of the greatest tools both for video and audio files. By far, it is one of the most versatile video converters that a user can have in the market.

Best of the best, it’s free and safe to use! No registration is needed and there is no limitation too. The developer of this software also regularly updates the tool to ensure that it always delivers the proven result.

Free Video Converters

Is Free Video Converters Reliable?

Video Converters are widely used by people. It is important in order to suit the format of a downloaded video into your device. You can enjoy watching video no matter what kind of device you use. Just simply look for video converter software that you think the best for your need.

There is a wide-range of video converter software that can be found. But most of the time you can use video converter found in online. This is commonly used because of the accessibility of internet connection with your PC or smart phones. And also because of Wi-Fi connections that are freely available anywhere. You will be given different options to choose from. But be ready with a handful of patience. Since you are relying with internet connections, expect for some logs upon converting your videos.

In the market there are lots of video converter programs that you can use, some are freeware and some are shareware. If you are aiming for a quality converted videos and you have the money to purchase one, try using paid video converters. It will promise you of great quality and feature of your video.

You can also found video converters software that is free. Most users grab this opportunity to convert their video thru this. There is no need for you to invest money just to enjoy your converted videos. But do not also expect much of the quality of your converted videos as well as the output format that might contains some watermark with the free software.


The Top 3 Free Video Converter Software

Below is the top three free video converters software that people can enjoy to choose from.

  1. FreeMake Video Converter

There are almost 250,000,000 who actively use the FreeMake Video Converter in converting their videos. They are the one of the best alternatives for costly video converter. It is the only video converters that can rip online videos thru copy pasted URLs. Using this people can convert freely the most well-known video formats such as 3GP, AVI, MP4, WMV, MKV, MPEG, SWF and FLV. The video will be converted quickly that will embed directly into your blog or website. That is possible with the use of DXVA and CUDA.

  1. Any Video Converter

This is specifically design without any limitations and with zero cost. It allows you to convert effortlessly any kind of video files in any format just for free. It comes also with CD audio ripper. The video can be converted into audio that may rip the audio track from extracted audio tracks, CDs and background music from videos. What else to expect? It freely supports the converting audio file among many formats. It will make your video editing so easy. Through this you can crop, trim, join and even rotate the video as one. Freely edit your video just as you want it.

  1. Miro Video Converter

A simple and beautiful way to convert your video is already here for you. This kind of converter is free that can convert almost all kind of video format. That includes the WebM (vp8), MP4 and Ogg Theora for your Ipad, Android and iPhone. This will give you enjoyment in custom sizing, conversion and many more. It is open source and free to use. Even though you do not have budget you can still enjoy converting videos. Its pre-sets can convert videos in correct formats and sizes. Just convert your video through this converter then copy it into your device.