HyperSnap Screen Capture Software Review

HyperSnap makes the world-class screen-captures and provides facility to edit images we save on computer. HyperSnap is the easiest and fastest way to capture images that we like to incorporate into our manuals, training layouts, help system, marketing materials, presentations and emails.

The interface of the software is delightfully intuitive and has clearly labeled commands with an excellent design so that users can easily move from task to task, therefore this powerful software is quite user friendly too. With this software you can easily share perfect representation of virtually anything.


It offers effective screen capture functions along with easy editing functions so as to capture and alter or change any image in the way you want. Its additional features help you to share and print any screenshot or image you capture. HyperSnap also has a provision for the batch conversion of the files. The ease of use and versatility of this product is one of its biggest positives.

You can rapidly customize toolbars and menus to meet your requirements. With the help of this software you can create instant toolbars, make your own personal keyboard shortcuts and you may even control this software with the help of the innovative voice commands.


To find the cons of this awesome application are quite painful as the cons are hard to find. It is not as modern looking and fancy as the products available in the market but is very effective. In HyperSnap you cannot capture the images in polygon shape but in reality it is highly unlikely that you will ever need it.


It is loaded with highly advanced features like the hot keys option that allows the user to skip past the capture menu thereby saving screenshots by only making use of the keyboards. The voice-activated capture mode makes it hands free. The drawing and image-editing tools let you annotate and adjust your captures.

It has automatic color substitution, the facility of non-rectangular capture, you can redo/undo endless times and the button capture feature is also quite impressive.


It is priced modestly at $39.95.You may also take advantage of the 20 day free of cost trial offer and if you are happy with the software you can purchase it. With the purchase of the license for HyperSnap version 8 you will be entitled for all the future releases with added new features absolutely free of cost. For more info, visit http://www.hyperionics.com/


HyperSnap is studded with cutting edge latest technology features and combiners the power of an excellent screen capture application along with the latest image editing utility. It is quite cost effective and is undoubtedly a must buy product.